Eve 6 – Speak in Code

In 1998, Eve 6 was the band. They had just released their self-titled album right out of high school, and watched it go platinum and spawn a number-one hit, titled “Inside Out,” along with several other Top 40 songs, such as “Leech,” “Open Road Song,” and “Tongue Tied.” Of course, this would have been completely relevant for me and totally awesome if I hadn’t been a mere four years old at the time, still listening to whatever the predecessors to the horrific Kidz Bop albums were. Continue reading “Eve 6 – Speak in Code”

Chicane – Thousand Mile Stare

Chicane - Thousand Mile StareIt should be no secret that I’m a fan of electronic music. You name the sub-genre, I’ve probably listened to it at one point in time, or even currently do on a regular basis. However, my favorite sub-genre of electronic music is by far that of “Trance,” or to be even more specific, “Progressive Trance.” Personally, there is nothing better to encourage me to focus on whatever task I have at hand, whether it is homework, driving, or even thinking. It is my “brain music,” so to speak. Continue reading “Chicane – Thousand Mile Stare”

Computers and Choosing a College

Universities are often considered to be the home of research and what is technically possible. Millions of dollars are poured in every day for advances in the different avenues of science, and ambitious students make their names working on enormous research projects while working under the supervision and guidance of professors who often have decades of experience in their given field. Continue reading “Computers and Choosing a College”