3/4-Series (F30-F36, F80-F83) – MY2012-Current

BMW M4 (F82)
BMW M4 (F82) – photo by Danny Galvez

BMW 3/4-Series (F30-F36, F80-F83)

This car is too new for detailed information on common problems.

  • F30: 3-Series Sedan
  • F31: 3-Series Touring (Wagon)
  • F32: 4-Series Coupe
  • F33: 4-Series Convertible
  • F34: 3-Series Gran Turismo (Fastback)
  • F35: 3-Series Long Wheelbase – China only
  • F36: 4-Series Gran Coupe (Fastback)
  • F80: M3 Sedan
  • F81: M3 Touring (Wagon) – Never produced
  • F82: M4 Coupe
  • F83: M4 Convertible


  • B48 (320i MY15+, 330e, 430i)
  • B58 (340i, 440i)
  • N20 (320i MY13-14, 328i, 428i)
  • N47 (328d)
  • N55 (335i, 435i, ActiveHybrid 3)
  • S55 (M3, M4)


  • A small proportion of owners have sensed a jolt when shifting into first or reverse, due to a faulty Mechatronic valve body