Cayenne (9PA) – MY2003-2010

Porsche Cayenne Turbo (957 9PA)
Porsche Cayenne Turbo (957 9PA)

Porsche Cayenne (9PA)

“955” is the unofficial designation used by the Porsche community to refer to the MY03-06 Cayenne, while “957” refers to MY07-10.

Desirable Features

  • Air suspension – standard on the GTS and Turbo models, optional on all others. It dramatically improves the ride and off-road capabilities of the Cayenne (the basic coil suspension is stiff and compromises on ride height), and is considered to be vastly more reliable than Land Rover and Mercedes-Benz air suspension. Those who have it call it the “#1 must have” option for the Cayenne.
  • Comfort Seats – these are the most comfortable car seats in which you will ever sit in your life.
  • Advanced Off-Road Package – adds a locking rear differential, skid plates, and electronically disengaging sway bars
  • Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control (PDCC) – dramatically reduces body roll, available on the 957 only
  • Sport Exhaust – standard on the GTS, optional on all other trims
  • Bose stereo – standard on S trim and above, optional on Base trim for the 955. On 957 vehicles, it’s standard on the Turbo and Turbo S but optional on Base, S, and GTS trims.
  • Heated seats – standard on Turbo models (including rear heated seats) and on the S Titanium Edition, optional on lesser ones
  • Heated steering wheel – included with heated seats, but deleted if the steering wheel was optioned with wood or carbon fiber inserts
  • Xenon headlamps – standard on Turbo models and the S Titanium Edition, optional on lesser trims


  • M05.9D (Diesel)
  • M48.00 (S 955)
  • M48.01 (S 957, GTS, Transsyberia)
  • M48.50 (Turbo 955, Turbo S 955)
  • M48.51 (Turbo 957, Turbo S 957)
  • Volkswagen VR6 3.2L (Base 955) – also called the Porsche M02.2Y
  • Volkswagen VR6 3.6L (Base 957) – also called the Porsche M55.01


All Vehicles

  • Driveshaft center support “Cardan” bearing
  • Transmission valve body
  • Thumping noise when decelerating – may be caused by the transfer case differential lock; simply requires reprogramming
  • Turbo S models supposedly have very high maintenance requirements
  • Panoramic sunroofs are lovely but very expensive to fix – a new assembly is ~$6000(!!!)
  • Soft touch buttons, especially those on the steering wheel, tend to wear cosmetically and can be good indicators for how the car was treated
  • The aerials for the key fob are notorious for failure
  • Tailgate struts tend to fail
  • Unlike the “996”-generation 911 from the same era, the 9PA Cayenne has extremely overcomplicated electronics which doubtless will start causing serious issues as these vehicles age, and will be a nightmare to fix.
  • Despite being SUVs, many of these cars have performance tires. Combine that with their high weight (the Turbo, for example, weighs over 5000 lbs), and you’ll be lucky to get 20,000 miles out of a set. Smaller wheel sizes are preferred, as tires are much cheaper for them than the optional larger wheels.

Certain Vehicles

  • 955 vehicles: Primary fuel pump failure – vehicle will run on full throttle, when cold, or with less than 1/4 tank of fuel, but stall otherwise
  • MY05 S vehicles with engine serial numbers from M48/00 81 5 02130 to M48/00 81 5 03807 or VINs between 9P15LA60626 to 9P75LA61831: Vehicles may experience high oil consumption due to faulty oil scraper rings

Not Problems

  • Rumbling or clicking from the passenger front door may be caused by PDCC and is normal